Welcome to Yabonga – Children, HIV and AIDS

Children, HIV and AIDS. Yabonga is a non-governmental organisation supporting people living with HIV. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and operate in twelve township communities around the city.




The organisation was founded in 1998 and has been growing and developing ever since. Currently about 100 staff members are working at our support centres in the communities. The centres are located next to the local clinics where we provide HIV education to patients in the waiting rooms.


The Model

All Yabonga staff started as clients of the HIV support programme. After the initial training, they continue to receive in-house training to work as peer educators, child and youth counsellors or team leaders in the communities where they live. Some have grown to fill positions in management and are furthering their education by studying towards a degree in Social Work.





Our Programmes

Yabonga offers afterschool activities to orphans and vulnerable children, as well as to high school youth affected by HIV. These programmes cater for almost 1000 children in the twelve communities. The younger children are hosted in the homes of ‘community mothers’ where support groups, play therapy and homework assistance are offered.


About us

Yabonga’s offices are based on Main Road in Wynberg, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. This is where programme coordinators and management have regular planning and evaluation meetings, and where most of the training is conducted. Here we also run a bakery which supplies almost 1000 loaves per week to our nutrition programmes. The income generating crafts programme is also based in Wynberg.